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The Best Skincare Products for Wintertime from Cocokind

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Featured entry writ

ten by Bri Williams

Skincare has been an interest of mine for over a decade. I have read an endless amount of journals and followed the advice of dermatologists just to get my skin to cooperate. One of the beautiful parts of the beauty industry is that it is constantly evolving. As science changes and as society advances, so does beauty.

As a blogger who focuses on conscious spending, it’s important to me that I invest in beauty products that are nice to my wallet and the environment. One of my favorite sustainably-minded companies right now is Cocokind. Cocokind is a skincare brand that offers consciously made products at an affordable price.

Of course, affordability will always be relative. What may be affordable to others may not be affordable for you. But I have found that for the price point in which Cocokind offers their products are top-notch quality. Cocokind has an arsenal of products available on their website, but I want to share a few of my favs.

Facial cleansing oil

This facial cleansing oil is a thick texture without that silicone feel. It’s great for sensitive skin, and the best part is that it can take off all your makeup and sunscreen. It retails for $13.99 and is available at Target and

Reusable facial rounds

I love that Cocokind has these organic bamboo cotton rounds. This is an excellent alternative to using the throwaway cotton ones you find in stores. These should remain durable for about 500-800 washes and are machine washable. You can use this in conjunction with the facial cleansing oil.

Texture smoothing cream

My absolute favorite cocokind product right now is this cream. I have acne-prone oily skin, so you would think a cream would be too heavy for me. But this product is moisturizing without being too much. And as the title says, it does a great job of smoothing my texture ;)

You can find a variety of cocokind products in-store at Target. But to shop the full line of products, I recommend going to What are some of your skincare favorites?

For more skincare tips, make sure you are following Bri on Instagram at @shiblaqbri

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