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Make Room for Pretti Little Spaces

There is a new content studio is Cincinnati, Ohio and it gives major "relax and create" vibes.

Located in the College Hill Business District, the studio is surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and flexible parking options.

Daniyiel Walker aka "Janyce Kicole" on Instagram, founder of Pretti Little Spaces content studio is committed to taking up space and helping creatives amplify their voices and brands. Since 2016, she has worked with women on businesses throughout the city of Cincinnati by creating websites, social media strategies, and brand designs that has helped them meet business goals and increase their brands message.

Opening Pretti Little Spaces content studio is her way of helping to elevate creatives and entrepreneurs' vision. With rooms that give different experiences guaranteed to do just that, elevate her vision.

Whether you are from the area or from out of town, this studio should be added to your resource list for professional or personal endeavors. This Cincinnati destination spot will make you get into your photogenic mood and will have you enjoying creating memories!

Pretti Little Spaces is the cutest place for family portraits, bridal party shoots, graduation and prom shoots as well as branding shoots. There is also a section that can be used for boudoir sessions.


The Knight building is located on Hamilton Ave across from El Camino bakery. It is 20 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati.

We always love supporting not only local businesses, but woman owned businesses as well!

Address: 5910 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH, United States, 45224

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