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Flip It and Reverse It: Old school Hairstyles making an Impressionable Comeback

From layered flips to micro locs, so many hairstyles from the 90s/2000s are making a huge impact this year and for 2024.

For the past few years, you may have seen more celebrities like Cardi B and Ciara rocking fresh crimps, two tone hair color (often called “the skunk” strip) and old school hair accessories like butterfly clips and rhinestones. Jazmine Sullivan, Marsai Martin, Danai Gurira, and Sarah Jakes Roberts just to name a few, have also been seen wearing flips and other 90s unique styles.

This time around, it is feeling like a major comeback of flipped hair, micro braids, braided bobs, twisties (the straight-back version) plus zigzag parts across the board. What we are seeing, is the return of fun yet simple expressive hairstyles.

Now, no one is saying anything is wrong with a long flat iron look, but Hunny, give us the flair! To many whom have grown up during the days of girl groups like Cleopatra (Comin'Atcha), Destiny's Child, Blaque, TLC and more, these looks have been all the rave. Let's not get started on the tv shows whose hairstyles had always at the hair salon like Moesha, One on One and Living Single.

To many, these hairstyles weren't just for "show". They were a way to show one's personality and overall character. Let us know if and when you plan to bring one of these looks back for your personal upcoming special occasion or just because! It will definitely be a moment! Peace out - CCB

Images referenced in this post were found on google and use them only as references

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