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Black Owned Airbnb locations In Cincinnati

Disclaimer: There have been recent news articles about shutting down Airbnb properties (particularly party focused homes) in various states due to disputes between rental parties. Yet the locations that are being shared in this blog post are focused on personal and professional stays within Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hey Cincinnati! We are excited to talk about a few local Black owned Airbnb's that are great for out of towners to feel cozy in our city and/or for natives to have a nice private staycation. From Mount Auburn to the west end, to being near the beautiful Cincinnati Zoo, these locations are quaint and lovely. Feel free to check out these humble abodes and tell us about your experiences!

West End Locations:

Mount Auburn Location:

King Royal Properties:

Suite 1B-

Suite 2B-

Suite 2F-

Suite 2P-

Suite 3B-


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