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AM Cleansing Recipe

What is your morning beverage of choice? If you’re looking for something that will help with cleansing, weight loss, and give you a boost of energy in the AM, then this beverage is a must try!

What’s In It?

ð ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). Lowers blood sugar response which can assist in weight loss.

ð Lemon. Very rich in vitamin C and are a decent source of potassium and vitamin B6.

ð Ginger. Helps with digestive health and has anti-inflammatory properties.

ð Cayenne Pepper. A natural fat burner and has anti-inflammatory properties.

ð Cinnamon Powder. This spice has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which may reduce infections and help fight tooth decay and bad breath.

How to Make It

Step 1. Add the following to a mug

ð 1 tbsp of ACV

ð ½ of Lemon (juiced) – or to taste

ð Pinch of cayenne pepper – or to taste

ð Pinch of cinnamon powder – or to taste

ð 1tsp of grated ginger (it’s easier to grate the ginger when it’s frozen)

Step 2. Add 8 oz. of warm water to the mug and stir

Step 3. Add raw honey or agave to sweeten

You can enjoy this beverage hot or cold. If consuming this beverage cold, start with warm water to dissolve the honey or agave and then add ice. Feel free to adjust the measurements to your liking.

I recommend drinking plenty of water after consuming this beverage and to stay near a bathroom for the first 30minutes (the cleansing properties are real!! LOL). Enjoy!

Note: I am not a medical professional, so I recommend consulting with a physician before consuming.

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