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3 Ways to Incorporate Color in Your Winter Wardrobe

Featured entry written by Candra Reeves

I know we’re still in a panacea and we're not really going too many places, but February is typically the month that I am completely over winter and cold weather dressing. As someone who grew up in the south, we always started getting spring-like experiences in March so February was always a time of anticipation for me because I knew warmer temperatures were coming. Now, I live in the midwest and winter seems to last a long time - yes, that sometimes means colder temperatures in April. A long winter calls for an expanded winter wardrobe.

Because February is the month I typically find myself in a style rut, I tend to reach for more colors and bright, colorful combos to incorporate into my wardrobe. As a self-proclaimed color girl, you’re probably thinking, more color than you do already? The answer is yes because you can never incorporate too much color. If you are color adverse, don’t worry I have created this post just for you.

With Your Accessories

This is the easiest way to experiment with color. I call this level 1 of wearing color. If you don't naturally reach for color, it's easier to incorporate color through your accessories because they tend to be smaller articles than your clothes. Accessories like your jewelry, bag, shoes, earrings, or headwraps are simple ways that you can add a pop to any outfit. Depending on the occasion, will determine how experimental you can be with your colors.

With Your Clothing

The next level that you can incorporate color with your winter wardrobe is with your clothing. You can achieve color through your tops, bottoms, or both. For me, I love a good monochrome or color blocked look. Monochrome is easy because you can pick a color and create an outfit. The beauty of a monochrome look is it doesn't have to be the bright and bold version of the color - you could do soft, muted tones of the color that makes it feel easy to put an outfit together. Color blocking is a little more tricky because you're taking several colors that are opposites on the color wheel and pairing them together to make an interesting look. But again, you don't have to select the bold version of the complementary colors to make color blocking work.

With Your Outerwear

Because your outwear tends to be the star of the show in the winter, it's easier to reach for neutral color coats because they go with everything and you just don't have to think about it. However, if you make the investment to incorporate a colorful coat, you have to be more intentional with the way you style it. Colorful and patterned coats will determine how you style your clothes. I like to do neutral clothing if I'm doing a bold and colorful coat because I want the coat to be the star of the show. However, most times I like to live life on the edge and always choose to go big and bold with the entire look.

I hope these tips were the push you needed to incorporate more color in your winter wardrobe. Tell me, how do you plan to incorporate color while winter is still here?

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